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Here is a new scientifically designed approach to Physical Fitness which can develop an adequate level of reserve energy needed for vigorous positive well being and zestful living. This plan enables you to get fit:

By yourself

In your spare time

At your own rate of progress

Without discomfort and

in only 11 minutes a day.

Check your daily schedule and determine the time most convenient for you to do the exercises. It should be the same time each day. Here are some suggested times:

  • before breakfast;
  • late morning or afternoon, at your place of employment;
  • after your regular recreational period;
  • in the evening just before you retire. Regardless of the time you choose START TODAY.
Note: Do not expect startling results. Fitness takes time and persistence. Couple your 5BX program with a good diet, and your progress will be steady.


For using this site you need to be a member. If you are not a member of Interactive 5BX, you can register now.

Your registration information will be sent to the email address you entered at registration time. The level of Physical Capacity to which you should progress is determined by your "Age Group" and will be sent to you in the same email as well.

Every day, you will Login using your email and password to get the exercises for that day. Along with the explanation of each exercise and the pictures, you will know how long you and how many times you need to do each exercise. In this way it would be easy to follow your plan.

The time for doing daily exercises is 11 minutes only.

After each 12 steps accomplishment, you will be notified to record your progress.

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