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Weight Control- Exercise

When you are overweight, you have more fat stored up in your body than is necessary or good for you.

You become overweight and flabby when you eat more "high-calorie food" than your body can use. Foods such as fats, sugars, starches, etc., supply the energy your body needs for its work. If you eat more high-calorie foods than is required for your daily work the surplus is stored in the form of fat. Fat is stored under the skin and around the internal organs.

Everyone has, or should have some fat on his body. However excessive fat storage, particularly about vital organs, impairs physical efficiency and health. Fat makes the heart work harder since each extra pound of body fat requires about one quarter of a mile of blood vessels. It is obvious, therefore, that you cannot acquire the highest level of physical efficiency when you are overweight.

The accumulation of fat on your body can be prevented or reduced either by eating less high-calorie foods or increasing your physical activity. It is better still to combine these two by cutting down on high-calorie foods and increasing your physical activity by regular, frequent exercise.

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